Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ready for the final installment of Downton Abbey Season 2?

The Christmas Special airs on PBS Masterpiece Classic tonight, and will wrap up the second season of our beloved Downton Abbey. I've heard from those who viewed it 'ahem' through shady channels that it is extremely satisfying and lovely, so I am looking forwards to it! Especially after last week, which though it has some really good bits (SYBIL AND BRANSON!!!!) also had some really annoying pieces (LORD GRANTHAM! BATES!).

So what are you hoping for?

I'm hoping we finally get some solid Mary/Matthew conclusion. I'm looking forwards to most likely seeing Sybil and Branson married, if they follow the timeline they proposed in the last episode. Honestly I'd be thrilled if Sybil announced that she'd be expecting... but who knows. I also really want to see Edith get some hope and dreams for the future. She's matured so sweetly this season and I finally really do love her.

What else? I hope we get some good Lord Grantham/Cora scenes to redeem Lord Grantham's behavior last week. We definitely need some really solid good Anna/Bates stuff. Their storyline has gotten the worst hand this entire season and it's high time we had a decent and happy time for them. (Okay, yeah, they had 'happy times' last week. That's not what I mean.)

New costumes! Now that the war is over, there should be time and materials (though still rationed) for new gorgeous dresses! Speaking of which, a couple of weeks ago I did an intensive write up on the costumes of Downton Abbey for my sewing blog. Check it out!

Finally I hope we get some funny lines from DC Violet, some motherly wisdom from Isobel to Matthew, and some mental relief for poor conscience-stricken Daisy.

What are YOU hoping to see?

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