Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And then SMASH went to Church

(For my review of the show, click here)

SMASH surprised us this week. Or at least, it surprised me. In a culture that likes to vilify or at least trivialize Christianity, this show has created a character who is unashamed to be a Christian. (Gay, yes, which will offend some Christians, but I think it's one of the ways they could make the religious element work for their audience). Furthermore, this week saw that character convincing nearly every single member of the SMASH cast to go to church with him and his family.

I was stunned.

Sure you could pick a lot of things apart (the scenario is rather unrealistic), but lets stick with the positive. Here's an example of a lot of people going to church, saying it's a good thing - even a fun thing - and something that one ought to do in the times of toughness. That there's a benefit to singing praise music and praying. There's a benefit to trusting that even in the hardest times, God will see you through. The show doesn't make a big deal out of it, it's not preaching a message, it's showing a part of the lives of it's characters and it's respectful. No one is groaning, or making wise cracks, the sermon is not presented as boring. Church is respected. And that is something I've not seen on a television show in a very long time. (It's a black Methodist church which was actually what my very first church was, so that was kind of fun).

Just another reason why I keep watching SMASH, because it cares about its characters, and it cares about showing characters from all over the place, every walk of life, who are more than stereotypes. It's not a perfect show by any means, but it sure manages to get a lot more right than most of what is on TV these days.

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Unknown said...

I was shocked as well and pleasantly surprised at how they handled it!