Monday, September 7, 2009

An Unannounced Change in the MPAA

According to Christianity Today Movies:

"As it turns out, movie previews are no longer approved for all audiences. The change, instituted by the MPAA’s Classification and Ratings Board, went into effect this April, but was not announced to the public."

What? Are they serious?

Yes. They are.

Read the rest of the article here.


Minni-Mo said...

That is awful... what is MPAA doing?!

Andy Hauge said...

As bothersome as it is, I don't see a major issue with it. Granted, this means that some things classified as PG which we don't want our kids to see will end up in trailers for PG movies, possibly, but that's no guarantee. Trailers are assigned by studios, according to the target audience for a film. The best course of action is to stake out the family-friendly target audience so as to make an interdependent network of family-friendly films. From there, the most commercially intelligent move is to cater to that crowd as well, screening family-friendly trailers before according films.

My family generally skips the trailers, anyway.