Friday, September 11, 2009

Of Computers...

Surprised by the recent flood of posts? Don't be. I was kept apart from my computer for three and a half weeks due to some harddrive problems...and an information error at the store that made the tech people tell me I had to send it in and get fixed, when in reality they should have just given me a new computer (which is what we were lobbying for all along!). Finally, Wednesday night, my father and I went in and were able to pick up a new computer.

I love the new computer. It's WHITE - (mac-wannabe, my sister says) - which I'm happy about because the white keys reflect light, so when I'm typing in low-light situations I won't be straining my eyes the way I was with my black keys. It's also a bit smaller and lighter than my previous computer, which is nice for carrying purposes.

It was an interesting experience being without a personal laptop for an extended period of time. I was blessed by family members who understood that my hearing-loss, online responsibilities, and writing needs create a severe dependancy on computers, and they did their best to help me out. My grandparents had a laptop they were able to loan me for a week and a half, and my mother was gracious about sharing her laptop with me the rest of the time. For this I am extremely grateful.

But it is much, much nicer to have my own computer, on which I can save my documents, download my own software, and use whenever I want. Plus, my mother's laptop was about ten pounds, which is ridiciously heavy for a laptop these days.

Anyhow, there is the reason, you see the result. Explanation over.

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