Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Would You Preserve?

Sony is doing a poll to raise hype for their new end of the world film "2012." Now normally I wouldn't tell you to go vote for something, but "Twilight" is outvoting the BIBLE! Not to mention classics like "Pride and Prejudice" and "The Lord of the Rings!"

Something has to be done.

So vote! Show those executives that the majority of the world cares about more than VAMPIRES!!!


Lanta said...

Elena, you neglected to mention that Harry Potter also is outvoting the Bible.

I voted, though. Thanks for posting this O.o

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...


Harry Potter is at least quality literature. Twilight is not. Of course I think the Bible should be above all other books, but I would be less offended by HP taking the lead than by Twilight. Although, the Bible nonwithstanding, I think it's terrible that anyone would think Twilight more worthy of preservation than Pride and Prejudice! HONESTLY! We wouldn't have Twilight if it wasn't for P&P!

Blog Administrator said...

I think the bible will outlast twilight, HP, and (sorry people) even P&P in longevity. Although P&P should come in second (third if you throw in LOTR)

Unknown said...

P&P shouldn't even place when you put Romeo and Juliet in there too!!!!!