Thursday, September 10, 2009

The First Issue of "Ink and Fairydust" was a Sucess!

Greeted with cheers of approval by its recipients, the first issue of the e-newspaper "Ink and Fairy-dust" has been declared a sucess! We are now hard at work on our next issue, which will be released October 1st. If you haven't already, we'd love to invite you to subscribe to this publication! It can be done by simply sending your e-mail address to under the subject heading "Ink and Fairydust Subscription."

For a little more information about this project, I am sharing my introduction which appeared on the second page of the September issue.

“Ink and Fairydust”
An Introduction by Elenatintil

On your computer screen (or in your hands) you are currently reading the first issue of “Ink and Fairydust”, an e-newspaper.

This publication is the brainchild and work of the FT-Novel Forums, an online community joined by mutual admiration for the books of Regina Doman. Our goals are threefold:

1. To provide a place for our aspiring authors to publish their works within the confines of submission deadlines and (horrors!) editors.

2. To keep the FT-Novel community up-to-date on the events on the forum, in Regina’s life, and on the production of the movie “The Shadow of the Bear” (based on Regina’s first book).

3. To encourage others to grow both in their Christian faith and in their ability to look at the world through the wonder of fairy-tales.

By reading this publication you are making it possible for these goals to be accomplished. We thank you!

“Ink and Fairydust” is a name that declares our (the writers') love for the written word and for the wonder of faerie. We earnestly believe both aspects to be important ways of learning more about the world. It is also, in a way, a pointer to the way Christ, our Lord and Master, reveals himself to us both through his written word (The Holy Bible) and natural revelation.

If the words of this publication inspire you, teach you, or bring a smile to your lips, that will be one more blessing upon our work. Should you wish to seek out even more of it, we would first direct you towards Regina’s books, and secondly invite you to join our forum. We can be found anytime at

-Elenatintil, Editor-in-Chief

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