Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to Host a Renaissance Fair

Ever wondered whether you could host a medieval feast or Renaissance fair of your own? Well you can - and economically as well!

I've written a three part series for publication on the Associated Content website. The nice thing about AC is that ever 1000 page views I get, I earn another $1.50. So I can earn a bit of cash to help stretch my pocketbook further, and you can get more cool information than I normally post on the blog! It's a win-win situation!

Part I - How to Host a Renaissance Faire
--On the basics

Part II - Hosting a Renaissance Feast the Cheap and Easy Way
--On the food

Part III - How to Decorate Your Own Renaissance Fair
--On the decorations


Bethany said...


Buxey from Willy's Wily Wenches said...

I write for AC, as well. I don't know how well you follow the posts in the forum, but AC has been having a lot of problems lately. Contributors aren't getting the proper amount of PVs attributed to their articles due to an ad glitch. It's taking anywhere from days to weeks to get an article indexed by the major search engines, then once indexed, they will mysteriously become un-indexed which is further affecting their PVs. Many contributors are posting their articles on an non-exclusive basis which allows them to post them in multiple places. AC has been made aware of the problems many times over yet they continue to deny there is anything wrong. So, just be sure to keep an eye on your articles :)

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

I don't follow the forums at all - I've only just started. How long has this problem been going on? And how can you tell whether or not your article has been indexed?

Buxey from Willy's Wily Wenches said...

The problems have been going on for months now. AC continues to deny there is anything wrong.

To see if your article has been indexed, do a search on the title and snippets of the article. If your article is included in the results, it's been indexed. If not, then it hasn't been indexed yet.