Saturday, September 5, 2009

When Plotting Misbehaves

Well, I'm at a perfectly lovely coffee shop, but my story is refusing to cooperate. That is, the plotting of book two is being most difficult. I'd really like to send the disobediant thing into a corner for a time out...which would result in a break for me, which would really be sensible. But I'm a stubborn person and I hate to put aside problems that are unresolved.

Oh well.

Editing book one is going well, however. I'm really fine tuning now, making sure that every sentance conveys what I want it to. That each paragraph is important, that I show instead of tell, and that my premise is reinforced wherever possible.

(Oh yes, thanks to the help of dear Regina Doman I've been able to finally nail down my premise)

But plotting is frustrating. I have the first part of book two full of lovely things...(not lovely for them, necessarily, but most enjoyable for a reader)...yet part two is unsettled. I need to decide what the driving force is of the story...for the characters, that is. I do actually believe I have a premise. Perhaps I need to look at it again...


Or maybe I just need more coffee. Except that if I drink coffee now, I'll be up until 2:00 in the morning. Not a pleasant prospect.

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