Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Summer's off to a bang with a smashing action flick that's got a little bit for every fan of science fiction, fantasy, high adventure and romance!

Thor Odinson is the eldest born of an alien race that medieval humans once mistook for gods. And considering the powers the inhabitants of Asgard have to display, that's not surprising! Not to mention their space age technology and dazzling dimension jumping travel bridge.

In fact, Thor doesn't have much to complain about. He's got a loving father and mother, a devoted younger brother, and a band of fun sidekicks (which, believe it or not, include a girl member!). He's also got a super awesome hammer of power and is about to be crowned king of Asgard.

Then those Frost Giants had to meddle and Thor (who is a bit of a hothead) gathers up his gang to go give those Frosties a pounding. Dad Odin isn't too happy about this rash act and thinks that maybe Thor could use some lessons in humility and patience before taking on the duties of king. So with a whiz and a bang he sends Thor off to planet Earth.

There Thor gets more than a bang on a head as he's discovered by scientist Jane Foster. She helps him learn the wonders of the modern world, and he enchants her with his sweet chivalry(Okay, so the cup smashing bit doesn't count as chivalry and Jane wasn't too happy about that, but boy was it ever funny... yeah, you've got to watch it to understand).

Thor, naturally, wants to find his hammer and get back home. However, government agency S.H.I.E.L.D. is interested in the hammer too, and back home, little brother Loki has made some disturbing discoveries that could destroy Asgard.

Humorous, epic, jaw-dropping and sweet, "Thor" may be one of the funnest and most enjoyable movies I've seen in awhile. Delightful acting (including screen veterens Stellen Starsgaard, Natalie Portman and legend Anthony Hopkins), fine directing (by the magnificent Kenneth Branagh), and fantastic special effects (seriously, they managed to make the rainbow bridge the coolest thing ever, and that's no easy feat! I mean, seriously, the 'rainbow bridge'?), this movie has got it all.

Even better it features a positive message, champions good old fashion honor, respect and selflessness, and manages to achieve this without ever coming across as preaching. Furthermore, parents are treated as lawful, good authorities (a rarity in film these days!) and the hero refrains from doing more than planting a simple kiss on the heroine's hand.

There's action, but no explicit gore or disturbing violence, no sexuality (even the female costumes remain fairly modest), and little language. It's PG-13, but a light one that seems made for family viewing.

Best of all, it's just plain fun.


Andy Hauge said...

Hear, hear! Epic Thor is EPIC.

RED~Scribe said...

I so can't wait to see this movie, and your review has me even more pumped than before!

Elaine J. Dalton said...

Yep, this movie is definitely getting added to my list of must-see summer flicks! :)

Uh, I do hope you meant selflessness not selfishness in the second to last paragraph of your review. :)