Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And the Winner of the Oscar Dress Design...

Remember back in February I held a drawing for a custom design of an Oscar red carpet-worthy dress? Well the project took a bit longer to complete than I expected, but at last I'm able to share the completed design with you!

The winner of the drawing was Amanda B, and she wished for me to draw a dress that was similar to this on top and this on the bottom.

We were both very happy with the finished results!
I decided to paint in the color rather than go digital. I used watered down acrylics to create a water color effect. Have I ever mentioned how much I adore acrylics?

This is also notable because it's the first time I've ever tried painting a human. All that time working with digital color has paid off -- it actually turned out fairly decent!

My one regret is that I don't have a better scanner. Although I was able to import the picture into GIMP and touch up the contrasts, it still doesn't have the level of detail as the original. Oh well!

(For those who are wondering... I&F and my review of "Day of the Moon" are still coming. I've just been delayed by a virus in... of all places... my brain. Some days my health makes me think I'm living in a science fiction novel.)


Katerina said...

Oo, the design is lovely and the painting great, keep it up! *sigh* I wouldn't mind having a dress like that...

I'm sorry that you've been ill, that virus sounds vile. :( Get well soon!

Little Flower said...

That dress is gorgeous! I absolutely love the painting! If I ever make it to the Oscars, I would definitely wear something like that! ;)