Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Interview with Orson Scott Card

In case you're not yet tuned in, a film version of the award winning "Ender's Game" is finally coming out. Furthermore, OSC continues to write new books filling in gaps and extending the edges of the Enderverse saga, with the newest installment just released!

The Ender News blog had a chance to interview OSC at the San Diego Comic Con, and part one of the interview gives us an inside look at what we can expect out of the newest book. Part two will contain OSC's thoughts on the film!

An excerpt from the interview:

Card filled me in on some of the plot specifics first, mentioning that, as his readers probably know, Earth Unaware is a prequel to the Ender's Game series. It follows the storyline leading into the First Formic War (Ender's Game takes place during the Third), from the perspective of a mining family living out in the far reaches of the solar system - the Kuiper Belt. The corporations have taken over all the easier places to mine (like the asteroid belts), so it's not easy living.
"The mining family, they basically live from their ship so they have to be able to make everything themselves," Card explained, adding that their ship, El Cavador, is Spanish for "The Excavator." 
Since they're at the farthest reaches of the solar system (this little infographic really explains the distance well), they're the first to spot an incoming alien ship, traveling at half of light speed. As Card said, "If you can get at half of lightspeed, you're a fast ship." With a possible threat looming ever closer, it's up to the family to get to Earth in time to warn them.

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