Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So I'm behind watching "Eureka" but...

but I just watched "In Too Deep." One of the most moving episodes of "Eureka" since season 3 at least, and I loved it. (I missed two weeks and now have to watch it on Hulu instead of the TV, and SyFy has an annoying release gap for the online viewings.)

 I don't know if this counts as spoilers since it aired several weeks ago, but I was not expecting the submarine wedding. However it was awesome and I'm so glad it happened... I get so tired of TV shows (and comic books!) dragging out engagements and never letting permanent changes happen.

I really love how the show is allowing both Fargo and Zane to mature. TV these days likes to showcase immature, goofy guys, and Fargo and Zane were the best of these for a long time, and now they've grown even better because they're growing up.

Fargo especially has become a character very dear to me. When I first started watching the show, I first thought he was annoying, then funny, and now he is probably my favorite. Although I disliked Holly when she first appeared, I now love her and love the dynamic between her and Fargo. I really really hope they work out a way to save her.

I felt season 4 was weak, but season 5 is doing a very good job of giving us the best of all we love about "Eureka" as it comes to a close.

And can I end this post by saying how much I adore the ongoing D&D game? The ending of the episode where they all gather around to play... it's awesome.

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