Monday, December 15, 2014

OUAT: Heroes and Villains

It's the midseason finale of "Once Upon a Time, and you know what that means - Spoilers Ahoy!

In episode 4.12, "Heroes and Villains," we have plenty of wrapping up - although almost none of it is nice and tidy with a bow - save for our Arendelle heroes. Okay, we don't actually get to see Anna and Kristoff say "I Do" but Anna's walking down the aisle, so until we hear further, we'll assume they are safely wed.

On the other hand, last season's wedding finally reached the tragic revelation we've been bracing ourselves for all fall. Belle sent Rumple out of the town on the point and power of his own knife. While our hearts bleed for Belle, there is little pity for Rumple, who immediately (well, six weeks later) went off in search of one-time apprentice, Ursula, to form a team of supervillains ready to fight for their own happy endings.

Can I just say that I liked Ursula much better in her our-world-aquarium persona than in the weird ABBA stage outfit? On the other hand, Cruella, while seeming very out of place in the Enchanted Forest, seems perfectly cast and poised to be the best baddie next spring.

I'm glad that Robin went with Marian, and that Regina sent him off firmly. Although I do want to see those two together eventually, I don't want it to be because of adultery. And this way gives us more drama and growth for Regina. Thankfully we did get to see something go well for her. with her and Emma finally making up, becoming drinking buddies, and Emma joining Operation Mongoose. Also, Henry finally got to do something useful this season with his curious tendencies. Huzzah!

The character who got the lamest storyline this season was Hook. I am really starting to feel sorry for actor Colin O'Donahue, who is not getting much to work with in a role that really ought to be juicy, especially now that many consider him the leading man of the show.

Our original leading man, David, and his heroine wife, Snow, stayed pretty much in the shadows this episode. I'm sure this was very much due to their own real-life new parenthood and that giving them a smaller part this half-season was in order to give them a break and enjoy time with their new son. Still, for the first time I find myself missing the Charmings and desperately wishing for an episode that centers more heavily on them. Spring, dare I hope you'll bring this to me? Now if only Snow could get a better fashion sense...

Other hopes for spring? I'm dreaming of Belle finally getting a character arc, and not a supporting role where she basically says the same thing every episode. I'm looking forwards to more Aurora backstory (they've promised her return), and MORE RUBY. Also, I sincerely hope that Robin, Marian and Roland are not going to disappear for a long time, and that we get to see them living in our world before they come back to Storybrooke.

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