Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Super Powers and Super TV

My siblings kept asking me whether we'd watched the finales for "Arrow" and "The Flash" yet. It took Nathan and I awhile to get around to finishing up our superhero shows (this includes "Agents of Shield" for those of you who are watching for SPOILERS) due to getting obsessed with watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". However, over Christmas break we did take the time to catch up on our superpowered television watching and vastly enjoyed ourselves.

(Each paragraph will cover a different show, which I've bolded in the first sentence. Skip if you're hoping to avoid spoilers).

Well. We enjoyed everything except that mid-season ending for "Arrow". Which was horrible. I mean, I guess you can do that kind of thing when you hit your third season, but UGH. It's almost worse than "Buffy", Season 5, cuz... well, wait, you have seen "Buffy", Season 5, right?

"The Flash" was a bit more satisfying. We got a fairly good answer as to the identity of the Man in the Yellow Suit, although for those who aren't aware of the time travel aspect of the mythos, it could be confusing. (I know very little about "The Flash" but I do know that the showrunners intended to use time travel in the show).

Now "Agents of Shield" took a pretty interesting turn. Skye's parents have been adding a good level of intrigue and emotional connection to the show. Just like Ward remained boring in season 1 until his true colors were revealed, Skye herself has become much more interesting with the revelation of her alien biology and now the emergence of mysterious new powers. Also, it seems pretty clear that Raina is her distant cousin of some sort, so that's also cool. Far less cool is the sudden demise of Agent Tripp, who I really liked and shipped with Jemma. Well, that boat sunk. *sigh* What remains to be seen is whether the show can gain audience via word of mouth, otherwise we might not get a second season. And that would be a shame, since it is picking up steam quickly, plotwise.

I'm really looking forwards to the two-hour premiere of "Agent Carter" this week! We've seen her in a few scenes of AOS this fall and it all promises really good stuff for Marvel's latest television entry. Not to mention that things are looking good for fans of superpowered television in general - "Jessica Jones" is coming to the small screen (Netflix) and "Supergirl" is being developed by the same showrunner that gave us "Flash" and "Arrow". Ooodles of good stuff coming our way!

(Also, it's not television, but with "Guardians of the Galaxy" finally on DVD, I could watch it on a non-migraine-inducing small screen with close-captions and see what all the hype is about. Totally awesome! My expectations were exceeded for sure!

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Matthew Bowman said...

Looks like I missed an episode of Agents of SHIELD! I don't mind the spoilers, though. I'm mostly watching it for completion.

I'll have to remember to catch (and review) Agent Carter as soon as possible. The setting and lead actress ought to combine pretty well if the writing is decent (and I'm not just talking about her looks, though that's a nice bonus).