Monday, June 20, 2016

Puppy's First Week & Basement Water

"Many waters cannot quench love" says "Song of Songs", and some adorable puppy love is just what we needed to get through this last week when our basement flooded. (None of our stuff was ruined, but the floor and part of the wall need to be replaced). Actually, we caught the flood earlier than expected because Nathan had to take Mateo outside, and our neighbor just happened to be out and told Nathan how much rain we'd gotten the previous night... which led Nathan to go check the basement.

Remember our lovely bookshelf we built in? that all had to come out. Every single book. They're all dry - but we needed to get at the floor beneath it. UGH UGH UGH.

Happily, we did get Mateo five days early, and so last week was full of puppy adventures - from the delightful cuddles to the sleep-depriving crate training. (he's in pretty good shape now but Nathan and I are SO TIRED from taking him out 2-3 times every night. AMAZING how just a few minutes of messed up sleep cycles can throw off your whole day.)

But oh, he loves us and we love him!

And sometimes, when the camera is pressed at the exact right moment, you get really funny photos!

He loves his crate.

Mateo is 3/4ths Shih Tzu, and 1/4th Chihuahua. Shih Tzu's range between 9-15 lbs, and Chihuahua's between 4-6lbs. Considering that at 9 weeks, Mateo weighed in at 4lbs 12oz, I think he's going to lean towards the bigger end of the scale! He's putting on about an ounce a day - we can almost see him grow!

He sits at my feet. Of course, now that I've started letting him up on my writing chair, he will not be happy until he can be up there with me.

He wasn't so big on the hammock...

...but he thinks belly rubs are the BEST!

Nathan is not only dealing with puppy and basement water - he is also proofing my book! Late, late nights.

The garden continues to grow beautifully. I love going out first thing every morning and seeing how much it has grown overnight.

We took Mateo to my parent's for Father's Day yesterday, and that went much better than I was expecting.

"I'm glad we got Mateo," my cat-preferring husband admitted to me last night.

Me too, honey. Me too.

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AnneMarie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the basement problems-that is so lame that your gorgeous bookcase had to come out! At least the books were dry; that's a huge blessing. Mateo continues to be totally adorable, and I'm so glad that you two are enjoying life with him!