Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fiddler on Facebook

So the other day I started thinking...what would Fiddler on the Roof be like if it took place on Facebook? Inspired by a similar Pride and Prejudice piece which I linked to awhile back, I decided to write my own Fiddler spoof...which may be enjoyed here.


Emily said...

LOL I love it!!!

Tevye: I think we should move this to a chat window.


(Where is the Pride and Prejudice one?)

Camryn said...

that's awesome!!! I love it!!! LOLOLOL!!!

yes, where is the P&P link? I'd like to read that one!

Mara said...

I nearly fell off my chair laughing, but, but, what happened to Act II? Please write Act II, Elena!

Ivy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!

And I Act II! :)