Monday, September 5, 2011

Apartment Tour 2.0

Part of what got me through this last week was reminding myself how much I love my apartment. It's hard to be sick, but I'd still rather be here than in my old room. Here I've got my own kitchen and bathroom and I adore them...

Below is one of my computer set-ups (preferred is sitting on my bed, but when I'm feeling better this is pretty good too). The adjustable laptop tray was $20 and is great for a variety of purposes. I also like using it for my wacom tablet, especially as the surface is tiltable.
This is the shelving units by my door. It's kind of weird not having doors on this shelf, but it saves so much time when I'm prepping a meal!
Gotta keep those hotpads handy!
The books!
I also got my favorite curtains from my parent's house, my windchimes, and my lights and got them properly situated around my window. I looooooove it so much! I also got a $4 mirror from Walmart and attached it to the wall with 3M removable velcro. Which rocks!
Then there are the lovely dishes I've been cooking. This is gluten free, sugar free lemon poppyseed cake.
And this is my beautiful eggbake!
Thanks for popping in for the tour, friends!


Shaylynn said...

Lovely. :) Looks like you're settling in! And the food looks yummy.

Yavi said...

Looks cozy :) I like it!