Friday, November 16, 2012

Doctor Who - 2012 Christmas Goodness and Teasers!

It's that time of the year again... today the BBC released a short prequel to the DW Christmas Special for Children in Need, followed by the first trailer for the special. Exciting stuff!

The Prequel
(Transcripts by Megs - Thanks honey!)

 Matt: Hello@ And welcome to a special Children in Need Mini-sode of Doctor Who! And not just ANY mini-sode, that's just what we call them, this is a prequel to the Christmas Special. Now, remember, when last seen, The Doctor said good-bye to his best friend Rory and Amelia Pond. The woman who will never be replaced in his hearts.
Jenna: Hi.
Matt: Hi.....
Jenna: Oh don't worry she's not watching.
Matt: Of course not!
Jenna: She's in LA
Matt: Exactly! Roll the mini-sode!
Jenna: Do we REALLY call them that?
Matt: Yeah! Mini-sodes! That's what they're called! It's a cool name! Roll the mini-sode!
Narrator: In London in the time of Queen Victoria, there were many stories told about a man called The Great Detective, a friend of Madame Vastra , the lizard woman, and her remarkable adventures, with (Sorry..he talked really fast..I didn't get the whole sentence!) her beautiful assistant, Jenny Flynn, and Scratx, whose appearance was too terrible to photograph. There was also a fourth member of the gang (Can't get the name of the gang! Argh..sorry!) A shadowy who's assistance was only required at the direst of needs. 
Madame Vastra: I'm so glad you came! We have news, we think, of particular interest to you. There was a meteor shower in the midwest, I have a pretty sure chance that it came because of alien intervention.
Well....maybe 24% chance? could JUST be meteors but it's worth looking into! There is a very pleasant tea room in the area.
Jenny: There's also a professor who is going to cut the world open with a giant drill through the thinnest part of the Earth's crust! I think we should investigate! He doesn't have a giant drill, and he's not really a professor, and he was drunk and singing a bit but------
Scratx: I've decalred war on the Moon!
Madame Vastra: Oh do be quiet!
Scartx: For too long the Moon has been up there unmonitored in the sky! It is gaining enormous technical advantage!
Jenny: There's no one living there!
Scratx: So it's CLEARLY time to act! They won't suspect a thing! 
Jenny: WHO won't expect a thing?
Scratx: MOON-ITES! (HAHA! Oh my funny!)
The Doctor: Why do you keep doing this? What's the point? I told you. I KEEP telling you! I don't do this anymore. I've retired. 
Jenny: There's a man with an invisible wife! Well...maybe he just doesn't have a wife....
The Doctor: You're wasting your time.
Jenny: Merry Christmas!...You think he means it?
Madame Vastra: Yes, my dear. I rather think he does. 
Scratx: Damn moon!!!!!!
Matt: And there you go! The Doctor has retired! This Christmas is in terrible, terrible danger! BUT as all humanity hangs in the balance, will anybody be able to persuade the Doctor to save the day?
Jenna: Yes....
Matt: So much for dramatic tension! Blimey Jenna......stay tuned for the very first showing of the Christmas trailer!
Jenna: See ya later!

The Trailer
Matt: Now ladies and gentelmen, boys and girls, here's the very first look of the Doctor Who trailer! Which is, of course the very frist episode to feature Jenna-Louise Coleman!
Jenna: Second....
Matt: Oh were in the Dalek
 one, weren't you. You died....and got turned into a dalek...that's awful.....played a different character.
Jenna: Yeup totally different character.
Matt: you couldn't be the same character. at Christmas..That would be..just impossible.
Jenna: No way.....
Matt: Roll the trailer!
Clara: There is a called The Doctor. He lives on a cloud in the sky. And all he does all day, every day, is to stop all the children in the world from EVER having bad dreams.
Child: Am I gonna have the nightmare tonight?
Doctor: If you see something brand new in the world, something you have never seen before what's the next thing you look for?
Clara: DOCTOR!
Scratx: A grenade!
Madame Vastra: The Doctor doesn't help people
Doctor: What's you name?
Clara: Clara.
Man: What is this?!
Bad guy: I said I'd feed you....never said who to.
Doctor: Listen to me, the snow is feeding off your thoughts! It will build an army of will be the last day of humanity on this planet.........

So what do you think? I'm thrilled that we get Madam Vastra and Jenny back, and love how they are all trying to cheer the Doctor up.

And Clara! She looks to be so awesome! I think it's fantastic that she's a governess. It works so well for a single woman in the Victorian era, and really gives her a different background than any of the previous companions.

And oh man... Moffat is going to make us afraid of SNOW! Seriously that man is evil...

Lastly, a bit of humor I couldn't resist scribbling down!

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