Sunday, November 11, 2012

OUAT 2.7 - "Child of the Moon"

Huzzah, Ruby's back to a starring role in this week's installment of "Once Upon a Time!" But first of all, a SPOILER WARNING!

So far in FTL we've seen Ruby as she discovered her wolf side, and then much later as she supports Snow and Charming in their search to be reunited and recover the kingdom. Turns out there's another story in between... how Ruby got control over her wolf powers.

However, in Storybrooke it has been 28 years since Ruby last ran on four paws, and she's worried that this moon will turn her into an unwilling murderer. At first it seems her fears are well founded... but then we learn there is something more sinister behind the attack.

I love that they chose this storyline. It would have been something they could have just glossed over, but they didn't. I just wish Ruby's recovery wasn't so simple - this would have been an interesting story arc to continue over time. Ah well, so many characters, so few episodes... I do hope we get some more detail on Ruby/Granny/Anita at some point. There's more to that history than Ruby's been told, and I want to know it all!

And OUAT continue's it's streak of introducing promising guys only to kill them off. This week we got Quinn the wolf, (who I was secretly hoping was Ruby's half-brother) and Billy/Gus the Mouse. Okay, first of all, Gus the Mouse! That's so adorable! Please tell me we'll get another Cinderella flashback and get to see him as a mouse! Secondly... Gus the Mouse is dead! *passes around tissues*

On the upside, now that we've gotten rid of lamesauce Storybrooke David, we now have our badass Sheriff, and he's much more interesting to watch this way. It was the perfect move to have Charming step in as Sheriff.

Regina was kind of adorable this episode... I still hate her guts, but she does seem to be trying to reform. And who didn't go 'awww' when Rumple gave Henry' the necklace without a price? Is it really free, though? Or is Rumple genuinely being helpful because Henry reminds him of Bae at that age?

Speaking of Henry's dilemma... looks like we were right! Aurora and Henry are in the same place and their communication is going to prove vital. Which is really reassuring because -

KING GEORGE BURNED THE HAT. Seriously what is that guy's problem? I hope we get an episode this season that explains more of his evilness, because he is the most selfish, unredeeming character in the entire show - even Cora has more justifiable motivation for her evil actions than he does! (And I detest Cora.)

Oh, and this was the first episode where we got to see Belle on her own as a supporting character, and not as a heroine or in relation to Rumple. Huzzah!

We've got a two week wait until the next episode... and then it looks like we're in store for - zombies???

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