Sunday, November 4, 2012

OUAT 2.6 - "Tallahassee"

Well. Fans waited eagerly for this week's episode, because we got the identity of Henry's Father... was it all that we hoped? Read on... but SPOILERS galore.

So Emma was a teen thief. She's supposed to be 19 here, right? She doesn't look it, but oh well. I want to know how she ended up on the streets and that desperate. And Neil Cassidy is a thief too? So Henry is the son of two thieves? Little disappointed with this... but the whole backstory does explain why Emma has such trust issues and why she went into a career catching criminals.

Then in Fairy Tale Land we finally got some more character out of Aurora and Mulan. Well, Aurora. I love the connection between her and Snow. Snow is such a Mama Bear.

I still don't like how they're writing Hook, but I loved that he made a "Bad Form" comment, as that was kind of his catchphrase in the original play. Also that he referenced the lost boys. Will we see them? Please?

Anyone else catch the Oz reference in this episode? Mulan gives Emma poppy sleeping powder. Where do we find poppies putting people to sleep? Oz!

Jorge Garcia was an adorable giant. And I love the idea of Emma being a giant tamer. I hope we see him again! And did anyone else thing the Giant's treasure horde looked visually like the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin?

Back in our world, the long lost August appears. He's trying to babysit Emma, but it really seems like all he's doing is messing up her life even more. Apparently he never even let Neil know about the baby. Seriously? Although kudos to Neil, seems like he ended up a decent guy after all. Giving her the car was adorable. :) And what the heck is in August's box???

However, I felt a bit let down. Sure they gave us a glimpse of Neil in episode one, but he had no connection to FTL and we were hoping. Or at least, as far as we know. Further episodes could reveal more...

Anyhow. One last interesting connection. Some of us have wondered if Emma is supposed to represent someone from a fairy tale. Who knows? But she certainly pulled an Elizabeth Swann tonight when she locked up and abandoned a rum-loving compass obsessed pirate.

And the question of the week is... what is up with Aurora and Henry's dream? A red room with no doors and flames eating the curtains. It sounds important, like it could be a connection between the worlds... but the only thing it reminds me of is the Red Room from Jane Eyre and if Jane Eyre comes into this I give up utterly. EDIT - people are wondering why Henry and Aurora are sharing the dream. They both were just in enchanted sleeps. Remember how Snow said the nightmare was an after effect? Snow grew out of hers long ago, otherwise I bet she'd be sharing the dream too.


Anonymous said...

Do you think that the "red room" was a Jane Eyre reference?

-Rosa E.

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

*points upwards at final paragraph*

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see now.

I don't know how I feel about the inclusion of gothic fiction in OUAT. I LOVE gothic literature, but it's not the same as a fairytale, regardless of supernatural elements. I was kind of annoyed at the Frankenstein reference last week, so if they butcher Jane Eyre, I'm not going to be happy.


Victoria said...

I thought maybe Neil was Bae, making Henry Rumple's grandson as well as Charming's... *shrugs* Just an idea. :)

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

It is a very popular fan theory that Henry's father is Bae, and certainly a theory I'm behind. However everything in Tallahassee seemed to indicate that Neal was from our world... if he /is/ Baelfire after all, then he must have had a memory modification spell of some sort, which isn't impossible... we just don't know yet.