Monday, November 19, 2012

Words have Power. How will you use yours?

Something to think about...
Words have power.
Negativity tears people down.
Positivity builds people up.
Why would you want to tear someone down without good cause? (i.e. they’re a terrible person and need to be torn down and still that’s something you should only do with careful thought.)
I love the internet. I love the people I’ve met, the art, movies, stories, tutorials and everything else that I’ve gotten to know because of it.
But sometimes the hateful, thoughtless comments that I see (or even that are occasionally directed at me or my loved ones) make it almost not worth it. And I know that I get way, way less internet hate than most people. (Partially because I try really hard not to write/post stuff that could in any way be hurtful, and partially because I stay away from most controversial issues). And if the miniscule amount I’ve gotten can affect me so strongly (and I’m talking really bad pointless stuff, not like an intelligent, mature discussion that we all appreciate), how on earth do those who get worse cope? 
Words have power, peoples. With power comes great responsibility. Will you use yours for good or for evil? Will you help make a better world?

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