Sunday, November 25, 2012

OUAT 2.8 - "Into the Deep"


Okay, breathe, back up, spoiler warning.


It's interesting, that for an episode that didn't focus on a given fairy tale or contain a single flashback, there certainly was a ton packed into this episode.

Henry and Aurora got a chance to be heroes in this episode - but neither chances lasted for long, with David choosing and Snow forced into taking their places.

Mulan got to do a little more than be the grunt this episode, but not by much. Is anyone else getting really curious to see her backstory? I did sort of think we'd get more on either her or Aurora before the midway point.

I have to say, it's pretty fun to see Gold and Regina teaming up for once. They work well together when they're not double crossing each other, and make a fun and sophisticated duo. Plus, throw David into the mix? A trio not to mess with.

Although now David's gone into a sleeping curse. It's not a surprising move, but it certainly ups the stakes, as he'll be out of action (presumably) until Snow gets back. Only I'm confused... hasn't he already been under a sleeping curse? At the very beginning of season 1 he was in a coma, and I guess I assumed it was sort of magical in nature, since it was enacted by the Curse. Shouldn't that have counted? Ah well, it's a gray area and they couldn't have both David and Snow get into the Netherworld by the same means.

Which, by the way, their reunion in the flames was pretty epic. Last season I was annoyed by a lot of their love story, but here we get to see the passion and pure love that makes them a couple to love. Definitely got me more emotionally invested in them and the show than I've been for awhile.

Who else got the mermaid reference? We know Ariel is supposed to appear at some point, and this could be a good intro for her if they end up having to get this ink by some route other than the vial in Rumple's old cell.

Cutest scene? Rumple and Belle at the cafe, eating hamburgers. Adorable!

Worst scene? Cora taking control of Aurora. What has happened to the real Aurora? Is she there but suppressed  Will she be able to fight it? Or has her soul gone to another place... like Cora says Phillip's has gone. Will we see Phillip again??? Here's hoping!


Gymfan15 said...

I don't think David was under a sleeping curse before. He was badly wounded in the chaos before the curse took hold, and that injury translated to him being in a coma in Storybrook. For all we know, Regina made it that way on purpose so he and Snow couldn't be together even in Storybrook. I mean, we all know what happened once he woke up.

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

I agree, my only reservation comes from how Snow was able to wake him up when no one else could... that ties in to the requirements for a magical sleeping curse, which has me pondering...

Anonymous said...

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