Friday, November 30, 2012

Just who ARE Aurora and Mulan?

Like most of the OUAT characters, we know the Disney versions of these iconic princesses. However their backstory on ABC's hit show has obviously followed a different path - and I'm not just talking about Aurora's dress.

We know Aurora's been asleep for 1 year... or 28, depending on who you ask. We know Mulan was also in love with Phillip. We know Aurora is somewhat timid and uncertain (but is growing) and Mulan lives for honor, but keeps her past and her personality a tight secret. Beyond that, we know nothing.

How did Mulan and Phillip meet up? What kingdom to Mulan and Aurora come from? Do they have connections to any other characters we've met previously? Neither of them recognized Snow, and Snow didn't recognize either of them, which seems a little strange considering that Regina knew Maleficient... questions, questions, questions!

Well, that's not new. We always have questions. But considering how early on Season 1 gave us some backstory for all of the major characters, it seems really strange to me that we're at the mid-season finale for season 2 and we haven't had a flashback for either Mulan or Aurora. Really? Two of the four new major characters introduced, and neither of them get a single flashback, or get tied into/mentioned in someone else's flashback? What is going on here? Is it shoddy writing... or something more sinister?

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