Monday, April 7, 2014

OUAT fails to inspire this week.

I still love "Once Upon a Time" but I'm not as motivated to write weekly reviews. I don't know if that's because of anything the show has done, or because I've just written a ton of them already!

Part of it could be that I'm just not terribly enthusiastic about the Zelena plot. It's just taking up time from the characters I know and love, and it's unraveling fairly predictably. Actually, the most surprising thing at this point will be if someone other than Rumple is Zelena's father.

They basically killed Bae/Neal to make more room for Hook (and this week's episode milked that for all it was worth). Emma isn't doing much, neither is Snow, Regina remains awesome but honestly if I'm just watching the show for Regina and Robin Hood, that's problematic!

Next week is supposed to take a slightly different track, although it's going to be Hook centric. Hopefully we'll get a more fleshed out Ariel though.

What I would really like is a Belle-Centric episode. Last week's installment really did not count, as she barely did more in that episode than she's done in any other episode this season. It was far more of a Neal episode than a Belle episode. (I loved the Neal/Belle dynamic. It was just great. And now it's gone.)

Oh well, at least we got Tink back, being our little shipper fangirl.

I will say this, however "meh" I find the Zelena plot, I have to say that Rebecca Mader does a fantastic job as the Wicked Witch of the West. I'll continue to put up with the plot just because I'm fascinated by her skills.

We'd better get Rumple back soon, however. Him as Zelena's lapdog does not make for entertaining television at all.

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