Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ode to a Pair of Boots

As I put on my boots today, I realized that they've really done extraordinary well for a pair of footwear that I only paid $25 for.

You see, I bought these boots 6 or 7 years ago, back when I worked for JCPenneys and had the employee discount. And there was a sale. And I ended up getting this pair that I never would have been able to afford at their usual price. (Meaning what JCPenney's usually sold them for at the time, not the "crossed out" high price they put on everything in the old days.)

When I bought them I expected them to last about three years, tops. Instead I'm still wearing them 6 (or 7) years later, quite regularly. They are a little scuffed (I need to polish them) but otherwise in remarkably good shape. And I still love them.

They've been through a lot with me. Fall. Winter. Spring. The March for Life. Cosplaying as X-Men and Steampunk. Going on dates with Nathan. Giving me good support and garnering lots of compliments. Comfortable, functional and stylish.

I've tried, at various times, to find other pairs of boots. Different styles, different colors... but I have been unable to find something with a flat sole in my price range. So what a blessing it is that these boots have lasted so long and so well!

Have you ever had something that exceeded expectations like this?

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