Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Writing in Historic Library Nooks

The library I am sitting in is so old, there are cracks around the window frames allowing cold air to get in.

Well, not so very cold, since it is after all nearly 70 degrees today. Who said there wasn't spring in Minnesota, or history?

I've been writing here for a couple of hours and getting more done than I expected. In the past the libraries I've tried to write at have been modern and not very inspiring. Well, perhaps having grass on the roof is inspiring for some people but big open sunny places where everyone can see you is not very inspiring for me.

Since getting married and moving closer to the cities, and also since getting a phone with GPS, I've been inspired and able to do exploring. Today I decided to check out a historic library and try to do some writing there. We're trying to be economical so I can't go to the coffee shop too often.

To my surprise, I really do like writing here. I've found a little nook to work in, (see photos here) with a comfy chair and space to spread my papers out. There's a couple of elderly gentlemen reading across the room, but otherwise this area is quite silent and free from curious eyes wondering "what is she writing? What is she thinking? What is she reading?" There's a medieval feel to the architecture that works perfectly with the setting I'm writing "The Mermaid and the Unicorn" in.

(M&U isn't medieval, but it takes place in Paris and there's so much medieval architecture in Paris, it's ridiculous).


Matthew Bowman said...

Even I have never denied that Minnesota doesn't get spring. I've just expressed some level of doubt about your summers. :D

In other news, WHY DOESN'T SOUTH-CENTRAL MARYLAND HAVE ONE OF THOSE? Hmph. My state doesn't have enough good weather to make up for this sort of thing.

Elora Shore said...

Oh, I love little nooky, historical places! They're so inspirational--and it feels almost like the past is moving beneath your fingertips. It's just so interesting.