Monday, April 28, 2014

"A Curious Thing" happens on Once Upon a Time 3.19


New Costumes! I rave about them over here.

OUAT kind of has a thing about slumping in the middle, only to pick up with unbelievable gusto in the final act. Season 3 doesn't disappoint, as we learn some very curious things in episode 3.19.

WELL we start off with the reappearance of AURORA and PHILLIP. Where have you guys been? Guess we wont' find out for awhile, because OOPS flying monkeys that may or may not be the same monkeys killed in the boathouse battle.

Weird thought I had. Zelena showing up and being all "Watch out cuz I'm gonna take your baby!" made me think of Maleficient. For half a moment (er, episode) I thought maybe Aurora was actually Snow and Charming's baby. Time travel being a thing in this season and all, y'know. But of course Zelena can't be Maleficient because we already met (and defeated!) Maleficient in season 1. So, that theory thrown out.

Back to scanning the skies for a pregnant flying monkey.

Next up is a beautiful make-out scene with Regina and Robin Hood - stumbled upon by Henry! Cuteness goes to "awkward". Thankfully this scene is nicely bookended by another scene at the end, in which Henry is thrilled to find out his maybe-future-father is ROBIN HOOD.

Fans have been waiting quite a long time to see some sweet Regina and Henry scenes, and this episode delivers, starting with the fact that it was Regina's kiss required to return everyone's memories, not Emma's. Then of course Henry's cry of "Mom!" when seeing Regina. He's forgiven her, all is right with them again. And Emma can see it without feeling threatened. Huzzah!

Snow and Charming have been suffering a bit more in this episode. I couldn't believe they actually had Snow cast the curse, and for several minutes I honestly believed that Charming was dead, and Storybrooke-Charming was some cunning imitation of Zelena's. Thankfully that wasn't true, and if Snow's cry of "my heart is enough for us both!" was a little cheesy, well, it's a fairy tale after all.

But perhaps the best revelation of the episode was the fact that it was Bae/Neal who realized that the only person who could save them from forgetting was Hook, safely outside of the curse's radius. He knew, more than anyone, that Hook would do anything to save Emma, and therefore was his best chance.

Now. Memories are back. Snow's in labor. Glinda's given them the key.

Operation Cobra is Back On.

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