Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kitty Pryde -- Project Breakdown

Encouraged and inspired by the results of Emma Frost, I decided to tackle another X-Girl yesterday. Originally I was just going to try a different rendering of Emma, but for some reason Kitty got in my mind and insisted on being drawn.

As before, I started with a referance photo, which you can view here.

I then sketched it into my sketchbook...

Once the sketch was completed, I went over it again with pen on tracing paper. As you may have noticed on my Emma picture, the lines were very rough. Using pen on tracing paper enables me to get much smoother lines. The smudges can easily be erased on the computer.

I then uploaded the tracing onto the computer. Using my Wacom Drawing Tablet, I cleaned up the lines and colored it in on my GIMP software. I use layers to get the cleanest possible lines, and I typically use three shades per color - dark lights, medium tone and high lights. I also will use the smudger to blend in some edges.

Voila! Kitty Pryde of the X-Men!

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Julia said...

Wow... you're a really great artist... I'm jealous! :)