Saturday, January 22, 2011

Evolution of a Rogue

I decided to take on Rogue as my next X-Men project. Choosing to challenge myself further, I picked this reference photo and made a detailed sketch.

(click any image for full-size viewing)

The catch was, this picture really was too detailed for tracing paper to work adequately. So I scanned the sketch in, loaded it into GIMP and colored the image red. I also used this chance to make the image about twice as large as the original, so that I'd be able to work in more detail. Then I printed out a fresh copy.
I then went over the red print out in black ink and scanned it back in.

Now I could select only the black and eliminate all the red, leaving me with the nice black lines I wanted. Then I colored in the layers, going over some of them more than once to achieve the contrast I wanted.
Since Rogue is one of the characters I'm playing on a forum RPG, I made a signature with this picture. A brush and a softglow filter completed the effects.

(Please ask before reposting any of these images anywhere, or doing anything with them. Thanks!)


Unknown said...

You're getting better and better. This is fantastic stuff!

Cor Mariae said...

You draw AMAZINGLY well. =D awesome job! =)

Christina said...

Well done, well done indeed! Her eyes look a little strange-- almost like Storm's-- but she's very well drawn and I love how you show us all of your steps!