Sunday, January 20, 2013

Downton Abbey 3.4

(Originally published in October, 2012. Due to episodes 1&2 being aired together in the US, this is considered the 3rd episode during the American airing.)

Spoiler Alert!!!

So... what do we think of this episode?

Personally, I felt the Sybil/Branson bit was kind of a let down after last week's hype. It should have been drawn out more. But... it's still intense. Branson's been up to stuff that even Sybil doesn't know about. What does this mean for their marriage? Will they stay at Downton? Will they settle someplace nearby? Or will Tom try to make it back into Ireland and force a court case? Who knows. At any rate, Baby Branson is coming soon. Next week?

Edith! Man, GO EDITH! The fandom has been hoping for awhile that she would turn into a writer and it looks like we're finally getting our wishes! I loved how Violet told her "You're a woman with a mind and ability, stop whining and find something to do!" Harsh, but effective!

Ethel... I thought her storyline was wrapped up last season. Why did they bring her back? What is the point? *sigh* But oh, her baby boy is SO ADORABLE. I just wanted to cuddle him forever.

Poor Daisy. Can the girl just have some happiness for once? Alfred needs to get his head out of the clouds and realize she's sweet on him!

New Footman is too sleezy to really be attractive. Not sure where that's going (other than that Thomas obviously has a thing for him).

Carson and the toaster. HA!

Matthew found out that Downton has been mismanaged... WELL THAT EXPLAINS A LOT. But why is Lord Grantham so reluctant to talk about it?

Bates and Anna - c'mon. Can something happen there? They've barely had a storyline at all. It's getting ridiculous.

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