Monday, January 28, 2013

X-Men Watch Downton Abbey

I am imagining the X-Men watching Downton Abbey.
(and yeah, I’m going with traditional X-Men, forgetting all the changes of the last year. And deaths, No ones dead.)
(oh, and if you've already seen this on my tumblr, sorry. I wrote it there and then realized it might amuse my other readers here as well.)
IT would all start with Captain Britian insisting Betsy watch Season One when it first aired in the UK. She wouldn’t want to watch it at first because it would remind her too much of her own family, but then she would get sucked in and make everyone in the X-Mansion watch it.
Kurt would watch it solely for Maggie Smith. He would then drag Kitty into the show, who at first was really skeptical, but then became a huge Sybil fan, and now goes around wearing a shirt that says “Sybil Lives!”
Scott would go between liking Matthew and Lord Grantham and wouldn’t get why the women are always mad at them.
Emma would be the only person who liked Mary in season one, and then no one else would admit they liked her in Season Two because they couldn’t bear for Emma to be right.
Hank would start wearing a t-shirt that said “Keep calm and have Carson bring tea” and would be the biggest Carson fan ever. 
Storm would sigh and get annoyed with how stupid the characters could be, but continued watching the show because she loves Mrs. Hughes.
Magneto ‘accidentally’ watched an episode and became really invested in Thomas’s storyline, but always makes disgusted remarks when Thomas messes his grand schemes up. He’s also the only person besides Scott who likes Lord Grantham.
Piotr would get really absorbed in it, refuse to hear any spoilers, and utterly break down in tears when Sybil dies. He and Remy have a Tom Branson fan club.
Rogue would get annoyed with the posh politics (although she’d love the dresses) but likes the show enough to watch it and yell at the TV whenever anyone a) did something stupid or b) let someone walk all over them. 
Bobby would torrent the whole thing and pretend to drop spoilers around Piotr, who would freak out and start holding his ears whenever he’s around  Bobby.
Pixie would beg the Professor to use Cerebro to read Julian Fellowes’ mind so they could find out what was happening next. He would refuse, of course.
No one ever caught Wolverine watching it, but one day when Kitty and Storm were discussing whether or not Bates was innocent, he muttered, “Course he’s innocent, he’s the only decent part of the show.”

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