Thursday, January 31, 2013

On Writing and 'Someday'

I've had to put my writing aside for the present, as I am scrambling to get as much sewing as possible done before I leave for Florida in a week. Which is funny because all fall I had to push myself to write, and now I'm dying to write and I can't!

I did get the first three chapters of #3 of the Ruah Chronicles done (well, 1st draft!) and shared them with my editor who was very positive, and laughed at all the right places which was extremely encouraging. Obviously there is clean up work to do, but we're not worrying about that until draft 2. Right now it's just write write write. Hopefully I'll be able to get a lot done in Florida, because I'll have two weeks with no sewing machine. (Horrors!)

Anyhow, I am really having fun writing this book. I love Paris, I love throwing in French words, and I utterly adore the characters we've developed. I can't wait to share them all with you... hopefully sooner rather than later!

It hits me every now and then anew... "I'm going to be a published author!" Not that I've ever really doubted that it would someday happen, but 'someday' always translated into my mind as "sometime in the far, far future that I may never actually reach because then it wouldn't be 'someday' it'd be 'today'." And yes, I know that makes no sense, but I'm sure those of you who have waited a long time for something big can understand what I'm getting at. And obviously I'm not published yet, but someday now has a more definite date for me than 'the far, far future.'

I'll be 24 in a month. I've always hoped that I would get published sometime around my 25th birthday. Now it looks like that could very well happen. Which is amazing because I've been telling stories for almost twenty years... my very first 'writing' was dictating to my mother as she typed for me. Storytelling is in my blood. (Or, as I once told a friend, "We write because if we don't, our blood will shrivel.)

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