Saturday, January 19, 2013

Attack of the Sour Patch Kids

I guess I've never had Sour Patch Kids before, because I ate a small pack of them yesterday and then my tongue felt like hell. It still feels like it's recovering from a burn, nearly 24 hours later.

I ran a Google search and found out that this is fairly common... and now I feel quite silly for not knowing this. But I've had sour candies before and never experience the tongue burn, so many Sour Patch Kids are super extreme?

Remedies suggested were ice cream, baking soda, milk, etc. Basically things to neutralize the acid. I tried some different ones, but I think I tried them too late and the damage was already done.

Ah well, tongue cells heal quickly, one of the miracles of the human body.

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Anonymous said...

I think perhaps the texture of that particular candy does part of the damage. I know my tongue is often sore after them, and I seem to recall the roughness of the sour coating contributes......