Monday, January 14, 2013

Downton Abbey 3.3.

(Downton Abbey's third episode was broadcasted as the second in America, due to the first and second episodes being combined. This review was originally posted September 2012.)


Opps. Spoiler warning.


I know everyone was theorizing that something bad was going to happen at Edith's wedding, but I honestly did not think that Strallen would LEAVE HER AT THE ALTER. SERIOUSLY DUDE?

You don't do that. You don't even get within a week of the wedding and not call it off. (My family's been through that this year, it's incredibly hard, so my gut is just punched over this, too close to home.)

I used to like Strallen. I think he and Edith would be happy. And it just kills me that Edith had that torn away from her at the last possible second.

So that was the bad. Um...

Mary and Matthew were great in this episode though. I love that Mary read the letter anyhow. I did suspect that she'd written it, but I'm glad Matthew didn't, not for an instant. and when Daisy collaborated the story... oh it was almost too easy, but still, it was beautiful. Downton is saved!

Not enough Sybil and Branson, but looks like we'll get tons of them next week!

Every week I think it's not possible to hate Thomas more, and every week he proves me wrong. How can he be so malicious? O'Brian generally cared about him, and he couldn't stand her caring about her nephew as well. So fed up with him.

But aren't Carson and Mrs. Hughes the most adorable thing ever? I know the showrunners have said that no romance was intended between them, but the fans have shipped it so hard, and now in this episode I think we have a hint that Carson may have some unacknowledged romantic feelings towards Mrs. Hughes.

Poor Edith. That was just brutal.

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RosieP said...

So . . . Matthew took the money and now the Crawleys' financial problems are easily solved. How disappointing. I knew that Fellowes would take the easy way out in the end. The crisis turned out to be a big fat nothing . . . like Matthew's paralysis.

I wish to God he never took that money. The Crawleys deserve to suffer for Robert's ineptitude and their greed.