Friday, February 4, 2011

Academy Awards: Short Films

Remember how I said I had a bunch of fun ideas for this blog extravaganza? Well, it's time to reveal one! We are going to have one category consisting of OUR nominations.

What is this special category?

Short Films (discovered in 2010)

What this means is that YOU, the readers, will be picking these shorts!

The Rules:

The short must be a legal online video that you discovered for the first time in 2010.
(It doesn't have to have been made in 2010, you just have to have discovered it for the first time between January and December of last year)

Films must be no longer than fifteen minutes and no shorter than three.

Films cannot contain any profanity, nudity, crude language/humor, religiously offensive material, or explicit gore.

Films must be original projects (they cannot consist solely of footage from other movies), and cannot be music videos.

Films must be complete works, and not clips or trailers from other projects.

You MAY submit a film you created yourself

Each submitter may only suggest ONE short.

To suggest a short, leave the video link in a comment below.

All suggestions must be made by next Friday! (the 11th)

Ready? Set... suggest!

(And while you're thinking of what short to submit, go over to the right sidebar and vote on the Academy Award Nominated Animated Shorts!)


Cor Mariae said...

I found "thought of you" in december or maybe january...I'm not sure. =P any-way I think it's really beautiful. =)

here's a link. =D

Christina said...

here's a cute little film I found through Ben Hatke's blog in december I believe. =)