Sunday, February 27, 2011


My complete play-by-play and thoughts on the big night... starting with the Red Carpet Coverage and leading up to BEST PICTURE.

Nice map to snow the layout of the red carpet and its relation to the theatre.

Hailee Steinfeld – lovely, 50's style dress, beautiful shiny and eyes. Elegent clean twist for her hair.

Amy Adams – WOW. What a looker! A million stars on a midnight blue dress... sequins? The cut is extremely flattering. Maybe a little showy but she can pull it off.

Jennifer Lawrence – well she can pull off the red and her hair looks great, but I think the dress is too simple... it looks lovely on her, but it's a little understated for the Oscars.

Cate Blanchett – lovely haircut – she looks younger than ever. But her dress... I like the cute and style but up close the bead and embellishment is kind of weird...

Lovely little montage with the mothers of many of the nominees. What a cute idea. :)

Scarlett Johansson goes with a daring but flattering shade of purple in a lovely lace design. Her hair, however... is a little bewildering. What's with the windblown?

Anne Hathaway! The Belle of the ball... red, as almost always. Simple on top, but a gorgeous train! Lovely necklace and elegant hair. Looking forwards to seeing more of her!

Reese Witherspoon, her dress... it looks more high school prom than oscars... but her earrings are gorgeous. And love her hair. Lovely hair.

Jennifer Hudson – love her hair, and the drape on her waist and torso... not so hot on the neckline!

Natalie Portman, looking beautiful! The purple is gorgeous and flattering, perfectly styled around her baby bump. Love the layers of chiffon and beading.

Red is tonight's color. Here is Sandra Bullock, in red. Again, fairly simple dress with some detail on the back.

Nicole Kidman... my first impulse? I liked her dress. Then I realized... it reminds me too much of Elvis. It's got sort of a Japanese influence, which is pretty cool though.

Gwennyth Paltrow – fake tan? She looks pretty orange. Her dress has some appeal, however. Sort of Greek Goddess-y.

Halle Berry – really lovely dress with beadwork and organza, I love it! I also appreciated about how she loves the Oscars for the fashion and how others choose to present themselves. Pretty cool stuff.

Teeheee... Tom Hanks sometimes seems to me a little overrated but he was pretty funny here.

Really awesome opening montage/countdown of the best picture nominees. Very nicely assembled!

And... Live from the Kodak Theatre...

OMG. What a brilliant start! James Franco and Anne Hathway get Inception tips from Leonardo DiCaprio!

“This might be more confusing than inception”

James Franco under a Bear Head. Oh my. This opening might outdo even Hugh Jackman's opening song and dance...

“Alec likes me to narrate his dreams.”

“I have good news from the future. Microphones get smaller.”

And then they go Back to the future... IN A DELOREAN!

And cue the announcers... Anne Hathaway in a gorgeous dress... beautiful Oscar music... I love it so much... and I want to watch the whole opening again...

Side jokes about how they are there to appeal to a younger crowd.

“Do I get money with it?” “No, you get prestige for the rest of your life.”

Gorgeous, gorgeous homages to some epics... “Gone with the Wind,” “Titanic...”

Art Direction goes to Alice in Wonderland. A little annoyed... I really wanted Harry Potter to get recognized.

Inception got Cinematography!!!!! Hurrah!

Kirk Douglas makes an appearance to present the best supporting actress award...

(Helena Bonham Carter actually doesn't look too weird tonight...actually quite normal for her.)

And the Oscar goes to... Melissa. For the Fighter. And while I'm sure she was great, it was not who I wanted. (goes off and weeps for Helena Bonham Carter). But wow, I can't begrudge her this, she's so refreshingly normally astonished and happy. Just adorable.

Best Animated Short goes to – “The Lost Thing”

Best Animated Film: No surprise here. Toy Story 3 carries the gold.

The Stage gets a lovely 20's era refit... absolutely gorgeous! It's setting the mood for the screenplay awards...

The Social Network gets the best adapted screenplay. I'm a little disappointed, but I've heard that it actually is a pretty fantastic script.

King's Speech takes home the best original screenplay! Absolutely delighted to see this! Really lovely acceptance speech there too.

Anne Hathaway now changes into a tuxedo... she mentions her turn as a a participant in the song and dance number two years ago --- then says she wanted to do a dueet again, but 'somebody' wouldn't help her. She then does a song about HUGH JACKMAN and how he broke her heart and deserted her! OMG. SO FUNNY! Hugh Jackman's face is hilarious...

oh dear. James Franco walks out in a dress. “You got to wear a tux so I get to wear this.”

Helen Mirren looking gorgeous as always, but with short hair! Wow! Cute!

Foreign Language Film “In a Better World” wins.

Best Supporting Actor goes to: Christain Bale. The Fighter is snatching up the acting awards... and the King's Speech appears to be getting snubbed there. No clear strong choice for Best Picture appearing... this could be interesting.

Anne Hathaway changes into a stunning black and white number with beautiful crystals and loveliness...

Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidnam come up to present the next award!

Then we get a full orchestra rendition of famous themes.... and it's time for Best original score --- which goes to – “The Social Network.” Which is a bit of a letdown because, though cool, it's not quite as awesome as some of the others...

Two lovely people, Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey come up to present the next award!

Sound Mixing -- INCEPTION! (Insert sound of Rose and I sending up cheers over our chat through which we're enjoying watching this together.)

Sound Editing – Matthew McConaughey gives a very unsurprised “mhmmm” and announces INCEPTION.

Now we get a LOTR backdrop.... it looks amazing. And music... and this is of course presented by Cate Blanchett.

Make-up goes to: The Wolf-man

COSTUME TIME! (now I get happy). Well I wanted the Tempest to get it, but I figured Alice in Wonderland would get it... and it did. The costumes do look pretty amazing.

And now we look at best song...

Mandy Moore and Zachari Levi perform their song from “Tangeled” SO ADORABLE. :)

James Franco introduces Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhall – and acts grumpy saying that Jake “Made out with my co-host... in a movie.”

Best Documentary Short - “Strangers no more.”

(apparently the envelopes are hard to open this year because several presenters seem to be having problems opening them)

Best Live Action Short Film: “God of Love.”

Anne Hathaway changes AGAIN into a gold dress...

Harry Potter music video? LOL... oh I get it. Making fun of movies. Toy Story is up... then Social Network...TWILIGHT? OMG. So funny.

Well I may not like Oprah but she has a kind of cool dress.

Documentary of the Year: Inside Job

AWWW, Billy Crystal just got introduced! :) (Longtime Oscar Host) Very, very funny.

Then some great archival footage of Bob Hope.

AND ROBERT DOWNEY JR! And... JUDE LAW. Oh this is too much... and they're hilarious. They play off each other great, just like in Sherlock Holmes.

Special Effects – (so many good films in this category – but) INCEPTION wins!

Achievement in film Editing: The Social Network. (I think maybe I need to actually see this film now? Possibly?)

Now Anne Hathaway changes into an absolutely stunning red gown... I'm in love.

More best songs... and awesome! We get to see Gwennyth Paltrow sing! She sounds fabulous.

Winner of Best Original Song: “We Belong Together” (Toy Story 3) So Rose and I feel that the other nominees were better and we're a little perplexed by this choice... anyone have any light to shed on this? (That said, it is nice to see an animated film getting more serious recognition)

I always love how they do a video tribute to those in the film field who passed this year. I think it's really touching and wonderful, though also quite sad.

Now Anne is in Blue... and it's a little too shiny for my taste.

Hilary Swank in a gorgeous silver dress! Metallic – extreme shine, seems to really be in this year.

Best Director – King's Speech! So happy to see this! And a really lovely tribute to his mother. :)

Oh my.... now some biggies... Francis Ford Coppola and Eli Wallach come out...

Jeff Bridges to present Best Actress... really great performances here...

And the winner is: NATALIE PORTMAN!!!!! (although, okay, is anyone actually surprised?) Very, very happy for her. Even though I'm not sure I want to see the Black Swan (at least for awhile), I really love Portman and I understand her work in this film was phenomenal.

Sandra Bullock out to present the best actor award... and again, so much talent, it's amazing...

And COLIN FIRTH WINS!!!!! Hear me cheer... :)

More metallic as Anne comes out in silver...


Best Picture goes to THE KING'S SPEECH! While I would have been happy to see Inception win, I am also very glad that The King's Speech pulled this award. :)

To cap it all off, we've got the adorable PS22 Chorus singing “Somewhere over the rainbow...” and now all the winners come walking out. :) The Emerald City appears in the background... it's very magical.


Cor Mariae said...

do you know where I can find a replay of this online? I missed the actual event, much to my dismay. =(

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

Check Youtube! I'm going to try and see if I can embed some clips in a post tomorrow or later this week.