Saturday, February 12, 2011

Theatre, strong femininity and too much time.

Being sick for a long period of time is interesting. It's like an ocean shore, with waves of worse days and better days. Sometimes it's hard to tell if one is really getting better or not.

However, on Tuesday I was up to leaving the house for awhile. My friend Anthony (some of you know him as "Fish" in SOTB) has been participating in an acting class for the past month and invited some of us to come down to his showcase. Another friend was kind enough to give me a ride down (driving really isn't an option for me yet), so we were able to go downtown to see it.

It was a frightfully cold night, well below zero, and our parking meter decided to be finicky and torture us by making us try the payment about three times before it went through, and completing each step in excruciatingly slow time. It was worth it, though, because we were able to park right next to the theatre and didn't have to walk hardly at all.

The theatre was pretty awesome. It was built in the 1920's and still has the original period architecture. It's a fairly beat up place but the setting was just so cool! I think it would be amazing to act on that stage. Anyhow, we watched the string of monologues (mostly Shakespearean) with enjoyment from our second row seats. Anthony performed from "Julius Caesar" and we agreed he was definitely the best of the group (although the others were quite talented as well).

Other than this adventure, I've been mostly stuck at home. Thankfully I have been feeling well enough to do some SOTB editing, which has been strangely addictive.

I've also been keeping entertained with a variety of X-Men related things, which should come as no surprise. Latest activity? Retelling the first three films using office supplies with my also-sick-and-stuck-at-home sister. It was probably one of those "you had to be there" moments, but boy, sometimes there is nothing like putting your own humorous twist on a popular story.

I've also been writing a fanfic/RPG with some friends that has once again got me thinking about characters and what I value in them. I've been especially thinking about what makes for a strong female character, and how a woman can be strong, yet feminine. I've been considering writing a longer post on this subject, but no promises because I find that often when I promise to write something, that's exactly what doesn't get written... oh well.

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Liz B said...

I'd love to read a post about the topic of strong yet feminine women -- it's who I try to be.

One fine example that immediately comes to mind though is Rose Brier. We always read about her femininity, but she obviously demonstrates her strong will and courage in the books, without losing that feminine touch. I love Rose. :) And of course, Blanche is strong too, in her own way.

I hope you feel better!

~Liz B