Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday celebrations -- when Dr. Who meets X-Men, and more!

I celebrated a birthday this weekend. After much consideration, I decided to make the theme "celebrating the inner geek" because this year I've totally come to embrace that side of myself. And also because I was dying to make a TARDIS cake. (points below)I also requested that all of my friends come as characters from something geeky. I have the coolest friends who definitely understand that dressing up is for more than just kids! Anyhow, I went as Rogue, and one of my friends came as Charlie from LOST. We decided we ought to take an action pose...
My sister came as Pixie of the X-Men! She looked just like her!

We also had Amy Pond (Dr. Who), Claire Littleton (Lost -- and she showed up with a baby doll for Aaron!), Deadpool (Marvel), Claudia Donovan (Warehouse 13), Miles (Lost), and Rose Tyler (Dr. Who). It was a blast! Especially when we played Mafia in character...

It just goes to show that you can grow up, get a job, take on all kinds of responsibilities, but you're never too old to have fun. So thank you, friends, for celebrating inner geekiness and imagination with me. :)


Victoria Rose said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY...BELATED!!!!! 22 big ones! And you went as Rogue!!!!! EEEKKK!!! Awesome.


P.S. I intend to dress up as Rogue some day...somehow...becaue I bought white hair dye (washes out) from the thrift store! ;)

Elizabeth Amy Hajek said...

Thank you so much, Vicki! And yes, I went as Rogue and it all turned out even better than I was expecting! :)

The hair coloring was a bit of a pain. It's hard to do white that doesn't look gray, and then you have to not get it on the rest of your hair, and... yeah.